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We are dedicated to furthering the success of others through leadership and collaboration! Surpassing expectations, where adequate just isn’t good enough, is our commitment to giving you phenomenal results every time.

​AJ Marks Entertainment and Event Management is a company that was built by real professionals, for the needs of real professionals. Here at ajmarksent.Com, we take pride in providing technical support and resources for audiovisual production companies, event coordinators and planners, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, marketing firms, and more. Here is information about the event planning services, more info read on to know. We understand that face-to-face marketing is a crucial part of the growth and development of many organizations and it is our duty to create a memorable experience that coincides with your goals.

While we are comprised of highly trained, talented, and skilled technicians, we understand that customer service and client satisfaction are skills that are undeniable absolutes. That is why professionalism, is a crucial part of our foundation. Our company culture is built on core values, such as hard work, dedication, responsibility, resilience, propriety, professionalism, and so much more.

These values are all congruent with our target focus and our mission.

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Phone: +14072888262
Address: 9100 Creekview Preserve Dr, Orlando, FL 32837, United States
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Hours of Operation: 24/7
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