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Vicpas is a international provider of contact displays, protective movie, membrane keyboard keypad, liquid crystal display presentations, and plastic case/housing, imparting expert one-forestall service for automation gadget maintainers and investors. Vicpas has a sturdy HMI components supply chain management system and deep cooperation with Elo, Microtouch, Gunze, DMC, AMT, Sharp, NEC, Kyocera, Panasonic and other global producers, and its shipments are leading the enterprise.

The GP4000 protective film contact display screen HMI collection offers massive connectivity, easy-to-examine displays, and a couple of screen size options. Our extensive kind of HMIs encompass wellknown, primary, Compact, Modular, hand held, and HMIs with manipulate. All are geared up with nice-in-elegance Connectivity, effective HMI functionality, and complete Compatibility with legacy pro-face GP-pro EX and gp4000 proface merchandise. GP4000 contact Panel front Overlay HMI drivers allow you to “communicate to” your preferred p.C, vision gadget, motion controller, temperature controller, inverter, bar code reader, and actuator.